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Diagnostic and Surgical 


We have a high resolution ultrasound machine for investigation of soft-tissue conditions, including those affecting the heart, liver, spleen, intestines, bladder, and reproductive tract.


Much enhanced image quality allows various measurements to be taken from the images, easy retrieval of images from our database and easy referall to specialists as required.


Electrocardiography can be used as a monitor, but more frequrently it is used for diagnosis of rhythm disturbances in the heart.


We normally use isoflurane, a modern gaseous anaesthetic, for elderly or sick animals we use use seroflurane, the most modern gaseous anaesthetic available for animals.We also routinely use a pulse oximeter (for measuring pulse rate and blood oxygen content), a caphograph (for monitoring carbon dioxide) and a blood pressure monitoring during general anaesthesia. 


A cutting and sealing probe allows rapid, almost blood-free surgery in many surgical sites, such as mammary glands in the bitch. Other probes permit the sealing of larger blood vessels at a distance, through a 'keyhole' approach.


Flexible fibre optic and video endoscopes enable visualisation of the airways of bigger animals, and the stomach of all other animals such as cats and dogs. Foreign bodies such as fish hooks, dish cloths and bones have been removed using this technique, without the need for surgery. 

Rigid endoscopes allow us to visualise and operate in a multitude of small spaces, with the image on a television screen with DVD recording capabilities. A 2.7mm diameter 'scope can be used in nasal chambers, ear canals, penetrating wounds where the presence of foreign materials is suspected, joints such as the shoulder (arthroscopy) and the trachea of cats and small dogs. The 4mm 'scope is used for slightly larger orifices and cavities. The 5mm and 10mm 'scopes are used for keyhole thoracic and abdominal procedures (thoracoscopy and laparoscopy). 


Here at White Lodge we have a CO2 laser and a diode laser which have revolutionised certain aspects of our surgery. The advantages over conventional ('sharp') surgery are:

+ Reduced pain during and after surgery

+ Reduced bleeding during surgery

+ Reduced swelling and risk of infection after surgery

We use the laser in many areas, particularly:

+ Oral tumours

+ Soft palate operations

+ Skin tumours, especially in geriatric patients, as often only a little sedation is required

+ Stifle joint repairs where the stifle joint is opened

Check out our Videos page for procedures our vets have carried out using these modern pieces of equipment

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